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Theoretical Analysis

Client: International Clients
Category: Theoretical Analysis
Construction type: Timber GLT, CLT and CLT Composite floors
Services: Analysis of non-standard details by means of advanced calculations and finite element thermal and thermal-mechanical simulations
Execution year: 2010 – Present
Location: Worldwide

Founding member of IGNIS and Timber Design Studio board member Dr. Michael Klippel and his team have been involved in the fire design of complex and non-standard constructions to verify all kinds of timber floor, wall, and façade systems as well as connections. Based on experience of more than 1300 fire resistance tests that were performed under the supervision of IGNIS founders and Timber Design Studio Board member Dr. Michael Klippel. As a result, there is an extensive database of information including finite element models which were developed and used for the verification of the fire resistance up to 120 minutes (load bearing and integrity)


Mass Timber Projects — BG&E


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